Coated Gradient Texture in Blender

One of the things I love about Blender is the fact that you can easily and playfully create a wide variety of materials with the different nodes. Of course, this is also possible in other 3D programs, but from a playful point of view, it’s much more fun in Blender. I’ve watched a lot of tutorials on YouTube in the past and whenever I learn something new about textures, shaders or materials, I always try to combine the newly acquired knowledge with other techniques.

Actually, I wanted to create another written tutorial, but I thought that would require a lot of screenshots and the effort for a simple and short material creation would be too much. That’s why I created a short video in which I show a possible variant of how I created the material for my vases for one of my last projects.

As always, the values I use in the video are not guidelines and you are actually completely free to use your own values and settings. You can’t really do anything wrong and I even strongly recommend experimenting a little with the individual values and options. I didn’t actually want to show the procedure, but for anyone new to Blender, this short video is certainly an enrichment.