Edison Light Bulb / Free Model

I have modeled here an „Edison light bulb“ in 3ds Max and after I am satisfied with the final result, I would like to offer it to you for free download. You can use this 3D model for your free and commercial projects without any restrictions.

I offer here only the 3D model, without textures or shaders, also the cable as seen here is not available, because you usually want to place such cables yourself anyway, depending on the location.

As already mentioned, I created this light bulb with 3ds Max and rendered the first versions with Corona. Later I used Cycles in Blender. I hope you like this model, feel free to download it.

If you have any general questions about one of my models or just want to say HELLO, feel free to contact me via the social channels or at artist@marcohayek.de.


Screenshot: 3ds Max / Corona

Screenshot: Blender