ArchViz-Wip / Realistic Water Surface

I’m currently working on several projects, including this „Archiz scene“, but it’s not finished yet. Since most of this scene is covered by water, I looked at various pictures of water surfaces on the net and noticed that the surface of the water never looks homogeneous and the same, even when the water is calm. There are various irregularities on the surface in many places, which I wanted to recreate in Blender. Of course, you should proceed very subtly, as this effect can vary greatly depending on the wind strength. The calmer the sea, the less pronounced this effect will be.

The advanced Blender users will probably not give me a knighthood for this, but there are also many newcomers out there who might find this „shader node structure“ interesting. This „node structure“ is only roughly laid out for the time being and I will add a few more things like a light water foam at the edges, where the water meets objects and there will also be various dirt particles that always float on the surface of the water.

After the project is completed, I will try to publish another article in which I will show the final „node construction“.