DirTemplate Extension

Over the years, you have acquired a certain folder structure for each new project. This may look different for everyone, but one thing always remains the same: every time you create a new project, you have to manually create the individual subfolders in the main project folder, and you have to do this every time you want to have a certain order in your system. For about 20 years, this has been a fact of life in the Windows system, which is more than annoying for me, to say the least.

Until recently…
Because about 2 months ago I discovered a video by „RenderRam“ in which he introduces a tool so ingenious that you hardly notice it. In any case, this little „Windows extension script“ is already the tool of the year for me without exaggeration. We are talking about „DirTemplate Extension“ and with this slim tool you can automatically create your self-defined subfolder structure in Windows Explorer with two clicks for every new project you create.

DirTemplate Extension on Gumroad