AusZeit Project – Update. 03

A warm hello to my friends and those of you who come from Germany, I hope you haven’t drowned yet. Something has happened again with my AusZeit project and I can give you a little update, or rather show you some new assets that I have realized. Like this folding wooden chair, which looks very clean and tidy here for presentation purposes, but will get its wear and tear and various color stains, etc. in the later scene.

I also created a simple wooden fruit crate, which will later be given a worn label and, of course, various signs of wear, which I will only apply later when I arrange the entire scene.

I also have a workbench, but I’m not 100% satisfied with it yet. I’m putting it in here anyway because I think it’s great in principle.

And last but not least, I have modeled a paintbrush with the corresponding glass. But this won’t be the last paintbrush, there will be more to come, as well as pens, rulers and craft supplies, storage boxes and much more.