AR-X Project


Work in Progress



2023 / 2024



Blender | Maya | Mudbox



The evolution of the symbiosis of humans and their technology through to the perfection and creation of artificial intelligence.

A project I have always wanted to realize and these are the first modeled objects for this project. Of course I will continue to work on my „HOMELAND-Project“, but I have the feeling that I need a little distance from this project at the moment to re-sharpen my vision.

For this project I was inspired by many artists and media, starting with one of my favorite artists like „Ash Thorp“, whose work I have been following for many years and for me is one of the few 3D artists who has his very own signature and literally lives it, as you can see in his work. I don’t really want to copy him, but his style is exactly the way I imagine 3D art, and I want to try to achieve approximately the same quality, try out different techniques and learn them in order to create my own style.

More recently, the movie „The Creator“ inspired me to finally start this project in order to give the whole thing a theme, a kind of direction, if you want to call it that. Artificial intelligence“ in particular is currently a very powerful and big topic that divides a lot of opinions, with mindsets and fears that we can’t fully imagine or understand the extent of at the moment.

The objects modeled here individually don’t make much sense on their own, but they will take on a certain meaning in the later composition. I will also be modeling more objects and trying out techniques to finally complete a great project.