Victor Bonafonte / Beauty and The Bit

About 5 years ago I discovered and somehow learned to love the work of the extremely talented artist and architect Victor Bonafonte in a video. He is also the CEO of „Beauty and The Bit„, a studio that has set itself the task of working for as many architects and architecture studios as possible with the aim of elevating architectural visualization and its presentation and design language to an almost futuristic narrative language.

One of his statements that has stayed with me is his way of thinking about how he went from being a classical architect to an artist.

„I no longer just wanted to show architecture as it is or how it works, but to create it as I imagine it and show what is possible without ever being built.“

Basically, he is not primarily concerned with functionality, but rather with the overall mood and the telling of a story in conjunction with the play of light and the atmosphere, where in some places it is easy to overlook the fact that various accessories and objects have been modeled and textured rather carelessly. Pure inspiration for me in any case.




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