Update No. 00.3 Alpha

In the meantime, I have also looked at a lot of reference images that can be found in the Brutalism architecture section on Pinterest. Enclosed… Pinterest is the main site for me when it comes to searching for reference material. There is a similar site that is also very good and works similarly to Pinterest, but requires less resources to load. The SameEnergy site hasn’t been around that long but is now my number two. But back to the topic… I’m no stranger to the term „brutalism“ in architecture, if only for professional reasons. I have been working for an ArchViz studio here in Munich for many years, even though the days of Brutalism architecture are long gone, this architectural style is still a popular genre among aspiring architecture students and is becoming increasingly popular. The only pity is that many buildings from the 50s and 60s and some from the 70s are now in great need of renovation and are therefore increasingly falling victim to the wrecking ball instead of being saved. This is causing horror among students around the world, which is why they have created the hashtag . Incidentally, the term „BRUTALISM“ does not come from brutal or in the sense of violent but actually comes from the French „béton brut“ which means „raw concrete“ or „exposed concrete“.

I have modeled a possible interior here that I like best in terms of shape and design. But there will be more to follow. But I will add more objects and details. For now, this is just a rough draft of a room, but I think it’s going in the right direction. The bottom line is that I want to create a suitable symbiosis of futuristic main elements ala „Blade Runner“ paired with „Art Deco“ elements and a mystical, cold look. We’ll see how the whole thing develops, but I’m looking forward to the journey.