REBIRTH / Brutalism X – Project

Hi guys… quite some time ago I started a somewhat larger project with the title „REBIRTH / Brutalism X“. I’m not sure yet where the journey will go regarding the project, but I want to share it with you and show you here updates, ideas, notes, thought processes as well as my approach but also the ups and downs to this project. It’s going to be an exciting journey for me, as I’ll be switching completely from Maya to Blender for one, and I’ll also be using new tools for it, some of which I’ll have to relearn. My overall plan for this project will also include various animations and I would like towards the end when everything is ready, about this project a large about 20 hour tutorial free to make available that you can then download here on my website with all the associated project files and materials, etc.. I hope you have as much fun as I do to see how such a project develops and grows.