AR-X Project Update.01


Work in Progress



2023 / 2024



Blender | Maya | Mudbox 3ds Max | Moi3D



The evolution of the symbiosis of humans and their technology through to the perfection and creation of artificial intelligence.

Something has happened again with my project and, as usual, I would like to let you take part in the development process, which always remains a difficult task for me. On the one hand, I want to make it as interesting as possible for you, but on the other hand, I often don’t know exactly how. A dilemma that I probably won’t be able to solve any time soon, but I will still try to present the whole thing as best I can so that you are reasonably satisfied.

I would like to start by explaining why I use several tools when Blender is basically sufficient. I’ve actually only been working with Blender since the legendary version 2.8, but even then I only used Blender sporadically for the first 2 years and hardly touched it. Then about three years ago I decided to use Blender more and more, not least because of the many great works created with Blender, but also because of the increasing number of tutorials on YouTube. As some of you know, I come from the „Autodesk corner“, where Maya and Max were my two main programs and I still enjoy using them today, even though Blender now has clear advantages over Maya or Max in some areas.

But for various reasons I can’t and don’t want to do without Maya or Max completely and at the moment I can’t imagine changing my attitude in this regard. Especially in this project, where I use a wide variety of modeling techniques, it shows me more clearly than usual the advantages and disadvantages of the tools mentioned. But I don’t want to bore you with technical tool talk

I already mentioned in the last article that I find the works of „Ash Thorp“ very inspiring and in the course of this I watched the movie „Ghost in the Shell“ from 2017 again a few days ago where „Ash Thorp“ also had his fingers in the pie. I would also like to mention again that I don’t want to copy anything in this project, but I want to go in exactly this direction with my very own style.

I’ve already modeled a few things, but I’ve also had to restructure or discard a lot of things because it just doesn’t fit in some places or I made some mistakes at the beginning. For example, I initially modeled some mechanical parts with too much detail, but you could basically leave them low-poly, as they won’t be close to the camera later on when rendering and even if they were, it would hardly be noticeable. It’s less about the performance of the computer and more about the fact that I often go into too much detail when modeling and get lost in it, I still have to work on myself at this point.

I have also created a short video to give you a little insight into the first steps of the project. I’m not a great video artist and creator, but that will change in the future. The quality isn’t great either, as I recorded the individual videos with my iPhone-SE, which is now 6 years old but can record in 4K. However, I am looking for a good new camera that is specifically designed for such tasks. Thank you for your time.