Life of an Artist / Ep 001

I’ve been thinking for a long time about how I could make my website a little more attractive, and for me that includes a well-maintained blog. It’s always difficult for me to find out exactly what might interest visitors to my website, or rather, what content could I offer that would add value?

I thought I’d start by creating a form of weekly review, from an artist’s point of view. So, basically, every Sunday I will briefly summarize an episode of the past week in an article. As best I can, I will include everything that has moved me, which great sites and blogs I have come across, which artists I have discovered or which great tools I have come across. I also want to include one or two videos or various tutorials that I think might be worth watching.

Of course, I will also include personal artistic aspects that I would like to share with you. But since I have deactivated the comment function here on my website for the time being, it might be a bit more difficult for you to establish good communication with me here. But I recently discovered a wonderful tool called „ActivityPub“ where you can follow and comment on my posts via Mastodon. Provided you have a Mastodon account and you follow my official account

as well as this post account

For your information, I have only just set up this „ActivityPub-PlugIn“ and I still have to find my way around and certainly have to make some fine adjustments. But basically it should work for the time being, at least I hope so. In any case, I would be very happy if you would accompany me. I would like to say a big THANK YOU in advance to anyone who decides to follow me.

Well then… today is not Sunday, but since I started the whole thing here and now, I would like to start with the first episode right away.

I would like to start with a really good YouTube channel that I can warmly recommend to every ArchViz artist and those who want to become one. „AVA – Arch Viz Artist“ was founded by a young couple around 2019 and has since received an enormous response. It’s not just the content, i.e. the professionally produced videos, that make an impression, but also Agnieszka Klich’s friendly and authentic manner that impressed me right from the start. I’ve been following this channel for quite a while and anyone who enjoys working with 3ds Max will certainly learn a lot here, even advanced users. Incidentally, Agnieszka Klich was recently presented with the „Autodesk Design & Make Award“ in the „Industry Community Leader of the Year“ category, which is not entirely insignificant in my eyes. Why am I including this in the weekly review? Well… I found out this week that Agnieszka Klich received this award and since I am personally very happy for her and also think that this channel simply has to be mentioned, I decided to do so here.

I also found an inspiring video this week, a kind of documentary about Alison Brooks and her architecture studio „Alison Brooks Architects“. Not only a very likeable woman, but also a very successful architect with a very respected reputation.


This week I also discovered a very useful and good tool rather by chance.
„OnionMedia“ is a video downloader and converter in one and is an „open source project“. This tool can be obtained from the Microsoft Store and is absolutely free, ad-free and you can also use it to download 4k videos from YouTube without any problems. A really great tool that I haven’t often seen in this form. Download it and see for yourself.

OnionMedia on Microsoft Store

Marantz Professional MPM1000

A few days ago, my new Marantz microphone and the „M-Track-Solo“ audio interface from M-Audio arrived.

The voice sounds fantastic… better than on the radio. I already own all the other equipment and now I can announce that there will be numerous tutorials on Blender, Maya, Max and Skills as well as one or two workflows in the coming year. I’m looking forward to it.